Adra Karim

Azfansadra Karim, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Began playing the piano since childhood and the early 2000s began to focus on jazz music. Studied with many musicians in Jakarta and follow the pre-college program at IMDI. Correspondingly, already a musician who is quite active in Indonesia, as well as a 'sideman' of Indonesian bands such as GETAH, Potret, Andien and also as an arranger, composer and studio musician.


Went to the Netherlands in 2006 to study at ArtEZ Jazz Organ, Enschede and Prins Claus Conservatorium (PCC), Groningen. Studied with a number of musicians from Europe and the USA such as David Berkman, Jasper Soffers, Marc van Roon, John Hondorp, Michael Moore, Alex Sipiagin and more. Working together and toured in Europe (the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia) with a variety of musicians, Big Band and music projects from European countries, the USA, Latin America, Africa and Asia, Including orchestral project with John Clayton, Stageband Big Band Groningen, PCC combo feat. Randy Becker. In 2013 had the opportunity to represent Groningen in 'Jazz Dag Rotterdam' as the Next Generation Jazz.


After the Bachelor of Music program, continued his studies in Groningen and New York after and completed the Master of Music program at PCC, focuses on applications Balinese music in the arrangement and composition of Jazz.


In his career, has released an album together Tomorrow People Ensemble in Jakarta in 2012 and in addition also appeared in several recordings as a sideman both abroad and in Indonesia such as: Warpold Wine, Viktorija Pilatovic, SORE, SOVA, TND, Andien, Anji, Ermy Kullit and also in Indonesian movie scorings and soundtracks such as Tabula Rasa and Cahaya dari Timur.


Currently re-domiciled in Jakarta, active as a teacher, composer, arranger, producer, music director for singers and events apart as keyboard player in the local music scene with his band TUSLAH, Tomorrow People Ensemble and Her Coat of Arms and performed in various festivals such as: Java Soulnation Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Indonesian Jazz Festival, Soundrenaline, We The Fest; as a leader and sideman with: Jamie Aditya, Dira Sugandi, Andien, Aimee Saras, Aksan Sjuman, Art of Tree, Lala Karmela, and many others. At Java Jazz 2015, became Music Director, arranger and in-feature in the program "The Ladies of Jazz: Ermy Kullit, Margie Segers, Rien Djamain" along with Trinity youth Orchestra. Produced and arranged Ermy Kullit’s single "Masih Ada Lagi" and In the same year, in addition to being a composer of the music, also directed the show "The staging of the poem Don quixote by Goenawan" Teater Salihara (Jakarta), Ubud Reader Writer Festival 2015 (Ubud, Bali) and the Singapore Writers Festival 2015 (Singapore). He recently toured with Her Coat of Arms in Asturias, Spain (July 2016) and with Tomorrow People Ensemble in Japan for Blue Note Jazz festival and Kanazawa Street Festival (September 2016).