"The BFG" ( Nadine Adrianna, Raihan Ardisoma, Vico Wibowo, Sean Zufar )

The BFG. The BFG is an abbreviation of “The Best For Groove”.

The BFG may be the proof of how Indonesia is blessed with early-born talents where many of them actually hatched from Bandung. While we have been keeping our eyes on the awesomeness and vast progress of the genious Nadine and Vico, Raihan and Sean are much upgraded too in every aspect. Beside of being individually good, they has a good control over the tempo, dynamics and connection. The BFG is currently working on their debut album and aiming Java Jazz Festival. On Java Jazz Festival 2017 The BFG wanna featuring with senior musician such as Hari Pocang and David Manuhutu.

We do hope these magical kids will make it and shout loud of their existance and awesomeness to the world.


Nadine Adrianna. She debuted at the age of 8 right here in Jazzuality event. From time to time she continued to surprise us with her fast grow. she has been showing her ability to write songs too. With the BFG She’s already has 6 original songs at this current moment, something that not many children could do especially in jazz. And last her international gig’s at Kuching Malaysia with Ray Martosono, Nico from South Africa and bassit from US is Kyle.


Vico Wibowo, also a genius singing multi-instrumentalist. From a shy little boy to an excellent band leader, For this band he mostly serves as the guitarist, piano and vocal. He has been showing

he’s ability to write songs too. then he had joined in several projects such as little Giant Band, Jazz a Kids (Rumah Musik Harry Roesli), and had collaboration with David Benoit, Shun Kikuta (Japan guitarist), VMS jazz Quartet, and he’s a youngest performer at Blues in the Art #1 & #2, and many more.


Raihan Ardisoma, he learning drum from age 4 years old. have followed some projects with some of the senior Indonesian musicians such as Vrp project, Barboogie Jazz Club, Bandung Drum Percussion, Penabuh Bandung Pisan and Idea percussion. Opening act for master class from Gilang Ramdhan, Budi Haryono, Echa Soemantri, Gery Herb, and many more. and he has repeatedly won drum competitions like to be runner up cimahi drum lab competition, 3rd Place Zildjian Drum Lab (2015), and the winner of national drum competition – All age (2015).


Sean Zuffar. One of Young talented musician from Bandung. He’s serves as bassist and music director with a lot of musical experience him in several musical events such as TP jazz weekend, Road to Krakatau reunion, F2WL, collaboration with national artist Barsena Bestadhi. And to be music director for Mahagaza band and he has to be the winner of Rexa Music School band competition.