Hajarbleh Big Band

Founded in 2010, the name ‘HajarBleh Big Band’ (literally means “Just do it, no matter what will happen”) was derived from the true nature of the band itself, where -in contrast to common big band formation- most of HajarBleh Big Band’s members are coming from various sectors and professional backgrounds which are not related to music. And what they owned was simply their great passion to embrace more about music and to take part in Indonesian music universe. “Don’t be afraid, just play it!”

HajarBleh Big Band has been actively participating in numerous Indonesian jazz music scenes like Java Jazz International Jazz Festival,  International Jazz Day, Klab Jazz TVRI, Jazz Traffic Surabaya, Solo City Jazz, Jazz Goes To Campus, Erasmus Huis Music Festival, Jazz Atas Awan at Dieng Plateau, and many more. Not to mention its 2014-released mini album featuring mostly its original tunes (available at Soundcloud and HajarBleh’s website).

Archipelago Anthem: A Nusantara Musical Journey
A musical concept explored by HajarBleh Big Band to honour Indonesian music via jazz big band as the media. Indonesian traditional tunes, epics, oldtimers and even todays’ music are uniquely interpreted, arranged and played with modern and traditional intruments. A blend of ethnical traditional tones in a  traditional jazz big band arrangement brings out a one-of-a-kind performance and remarkable musical experience.

Archipelago Anthem is HajarBleh Big Band’s dedication & appreciation to honour & promote variety of Indonesian music culture to the world.